Retreaver Buyer Level Suppression Guide

Retreaver Buyer Level Suppression Guide

Retreaver’s buyer level suppression function allows users to block specific caller ID's from being routed through a specific buyer/call handler profile. This allows a Retreaver user to prevent undesired customers from being sent to a buyer by applying a client’s suppression list at only the buyer/call handler level.


Step 1: Prepare Number Suppression List

Open your file containing the suppressed numbers list and copy the numbers.
Note numbers should be 10 digits long without any formatting.

Remove any country code prefixes from the list ( +10123456789 ).



Step 2: Paste Suppression List into "ConvertCSV" tool

Head to "" [ ] to transpose your list, this free online tool will help you process the list into a format that Retreaver tags can accept. Paste your numbers into the Step 1 input box:



Step 3: Select Field Separator

While in the webpage, scroll to the section titled “Step 3”. You might have to click on the down arrow to open up additional step 3 options and click on the “Bar | “ option. This will combine all your numbers listed in step 1, using a bar character to connect them.



Step 4: Transpose CSV

Within the Step 4 section, click on the “Transpose CSV” option. Once completed, click on the clipboard option to copy the resulting transposed CSV text.



Step 5: Edit Retreaver Buyer

Return to Retreaver and head to the buyer edit screen of the profile that requires buyer level suppression. Scroll down to the tag wizard to modify the buyer tags.



Step 6: Tag Retreaver Buyer using Text Tag

6A) Click on the Text option within the Wizard section, and type “caller_number” as the key, click on the key name to confirm your selection.

6B) Once completed, change the tag operator to “Does not Match”.

6C) Lastly paste the copied data from step 4 into the value field, depending on the size of your suppression list this action could take a few seconds. Click on the value you pasted to confirm your selection then press add and done to complete your changes.



Step 7: Update Retreaver Buyer

Click on "Update Call buyer" to confirm your changes and complete the buyer level suppression process. 


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