How to Hold and Transfer Inbound Callers


When your business relies on the ability to transfer inbound callers, Live Call Control enables your agents to hold and transfer your tracked calls and enables you to track the complete call from the initial source through to the final agent as one call.

How It Works

Retreavers Live Call Control provides agents answering a call with a simple interface to put callers on hold and initiate a warm-transfer to any other tracked or untracked phone number available in their assigned directory.

  • Call to a Retreaver Number is placed by a Caller
  • A call endpoint is selected and dialed and an agent answers the phone
  • The agent opens the Live Call Control (or has it popped open by their agent tools) where they see who the call is from and an option to hold the caller.


  • The agent places the caller on hold, and then clicks to selects from a directory of numbers to transfer the caller to.


  • The new destination/agent is selected from the Directory.


  • The original agent then communicates with new agent, while the caller hears music on hold. When ready to connect the caller and the new agent they simply take caller off hold.


  • With the calls now connected, the original agent is now free to hang up to take the next call.


  • Retreaver logs the entire call from first agent to final agent as a single call log entry.


With Live Call Control agents and buyers are given the ability to send leads to the person most able to convert the sale and deliver the service needed for a positive outcome.

Getting Set Up

Enable the Feature

Live Call Control is enabled via Retreaver Support. Please submit your request to or create a ticket in the support portal. Indicate the account name and/or company for which you would like the feature enabled.

Add Directories

When agents are prompted with the Live Call Control interface and look to transfer a caller, they will need to select a destination from a directory. Directories ensure agents are sending callers to authorized destinations. To set up a directory of numbers where calls may be transferred, follow these steps: 

  • In your company, click Directories, then click add a New Directory.
  • Name the Directory, ideally describing the entries contained in the directory.
    • Example: Product X Agents, Support Team, Health Insurance Buyers, Managers.
  • Add Entries to the Directory. Entries are call endpoints (buyers) where a call may be transferred.
    • Name: Use this to describe the number being dialed so that the agent will know who they are transferring the call to. 
    • Phone Number: Add the numbers you want agents to be able to send calls to:
      • Type them in directly
      • Use the drop down to select from static numbers associated with campaigns in your Retreaver account. 


  • Click Create Directory

Enable Call Control for a Handler Group

  • Open a Handler Group and scroll to the bottom of the view.


  • Click on the green Add (+) button. You will be prompted to configured the postback key for your tranfers.


    • Choose type = Call Transfer
    • Name the Key
    • Select the Directory to make available to the agents answering the phone
  • Note the URL for this transfer key. When opened, this URL with the Caller ID in place of CALLER_NUMBER, provides an agent with the Live Call Control interface so they can hold and transfer the call. 


Note: The post back key may be used in a standalone browser or within agent tools. Be sure to update the caller_number with the caller ID of the call when using it.

Test Holding and Transferring Calls

Try the process and your directory by adding your handler group to a campaign, then calling into the campaign. Use the Transfer Postback Key in a browser window to view the interface.

With your Directory created and added to a Handler Group. Follow these steps to test your configuration:

  • Create/edit a campaign, route to the Handler Group enabled with the Call Control, and add a number to call into the campaign.

  • Open the call control postback key in your browser. You will should see a message "Call not found" similar to this:


  • Call the number into the campaign and open the call log. Copy the caller id of the In Progress call.


  • Paste that Caller ID (minus the +) in the Postback Key URL where it says CALLER_NUMBER and load the URL.  You should now see the Live Call Control interface in your browser.


After your test review the call details in the call log to confirm the data you captured. The call flow will show the holds and transfers in the order that they happened.


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