How to Use Dynamic Caller ID Obfuscation


When an offer has a time-based conversion criteria, some less-than-honorable buyers may be tempted to copy down the Caller ID and call them back to initiate a deal before the conversion timer is reached. 

Retreaver allows you to remedy this by editing the Buyer to display to them a false or specific number, only releasing the Caller ID to their call logs and reports AFTER the conversion is recorded.


Turning on Caller ID Obfuscation

This feature is turned on by Support. To enable it on your account, simply submit a request.


Use Caller ID Obfuscation to mask the true Caller ID

Static Number Obfuscation

One approach is to display a single static number for all calls that come to that buyer.  You simply select a number that has been added to your account as the one to be displayed instead of the true Caller ID.


Static number obfuscation is good, however there are times when the Buyer may want to be able to track duplicates and tie caller's information to previous calls.


Dynamic Number Obfuscation

With Dynamic number obfuscation, the area code and first few digits of the phone number will remain true so that location data is preserved, and Retreaver simply randomizes the last four digits. This way, any callbacks from the same caller will have the same id if they ever call back.


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