How to Add Additional Endpoints to a Campaign


With Retreaver, you have the capability to add new call endpoints (i.e. agents, buyers or call centers) to active campaigns. It means you don't have to recreate campaigns, or migrate IVR processes to scale call campaigns with your business growth.


Add the new call endpoint to the campaign

  1. Go to your Call Endpoints, click + New Call Endpoint. Ensure information such as the time zone, hours of operation, and concurrency caps are all correct.

  2. Go to the Campaign they should be added to and click Edit.


  3. Scroll to the Routing Settings section and click the blank and begin typing the name or number of the Call Endpoint to be added. 


  4. Save the Campaign for the changes to take effect.


Add the new call endpoint to a Handler Group

Alternatively if your campaign is using Handler Groups such as above (i.e. "Support Team"). You can simply add the new endpoint to the Handler Group and they will automatically be considered for calls coming into the campaign. 

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