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Retreaver Split Conversions allow performance marketers using Retreaver to track revenues and payouts at the Buyer and Publisher levels across all campaigns, and 'split' the conversions across services, products, geographies or any other data point you need to detail your conversion along.

This article walks you through the steps to turn on Split Conversions in your Retreaver account, and to configure the conversion information on each of your Buyers and Publishers for use across all your campaigns. 


Default Conversion Criteria

If your not using Split Conversions, then the Campaign Conversion Criteria runs by default. This implies that the payment criteria will be the same across all calls going through this campaign. In this example if a call lasts longer than 90 seconds the conversion is triggered. The Publisher is paid $10 for the traffic [ Payout ] , and the call Buyer pays $20 for converting a client [ Revenue ] .


Overriding Default Conversion Criteria

You also have the option of including additional conversion criteria with varying tags. This enables certain scenarios to have their own unique conversion criteria. Perhaps you have varying conversion rates for specific publishers/ buyers.

In the example below any incoming calls tagged with Credit_Offer:yes will use a unique conversion criteria. After a 2 minute call the Publisher will receive a $15 payout and the Buyer will pay $30 in revenue.


Split Conversions

Split conversions are turned off by default and can be enabled by support in the Retreaver Store. This is to prevent misuse and overwhelming beginner users.

Essentially you can create Buyer/Publisher specific conversion criteria that override the campaign default criteria and will trigger independently whether or not the other party fulfilled their criteria. Such a scenario could happen when a Publisher defines a successful conversion at 30 seconds, and a Buyer at 90 seconds. 

In this example under the Publisher editing menu, we add a custom conversion criteria specific to this Publisher that will trigger independently of the Buyers criteria. The same procedure is used to create Buyer specific criteria.



Using split conversions could affect the accuracy of your report statements. Calls that convert for a publisher but not for a buyer will cause that call to be reported as a loss since no revenue value was returned by a buyer. Place a "Receivable:true" tag on your publisher conversion criteria to ensure that conversion will only trigger on a call that was successfully processed by a buyer.

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