How to Test a Call Tracking Campaign


Before sending Numbers out into the wild to track all your calls, it's good practice to test your campaigns and routing configurations. Retreaver provides a number of mechanisms for testing your campaigns and related tracking numbers.


Getting ready to test

Before testing, make sure that your campaign is complete, and that you have added a "Tester" Endpoint that routes to your own desk phone or mobile so you can hear the call prompts your agents or buyers would hear.


Test how calls route to your agents

Generally, you can test the Routing Settings by temporarily pausing call endpoints that are in the Campaign and adding the Tester. Now all your calls will route to that Tester and not your real agents and buyers.


If your campaign takes advantage of Priority & Weighting or Tag-based Routing, then another approach for testing the Routing Settings is to replace the phone numbers of each Endpoint with your test phone number temporarily. This way you can test the routing system and see the different endpoints that your calls are reaching by navigating to your Call Log and viewing the latest call flow.



Test your Source tracking

Your Sources are tracked through static Numbers and Dynamic Number Pools. We recommend confirming your Routing instructions work first, or set each endpoint to a phone number that you can receive (i.e. a test phone or your mobile). Then simply iterate through the Source testing.

If you have set each endpoint to your test phone number or paused them all except your test number, you can test the sources associated with Static Numbers by calling each number on the campaign. 



Reviewing Test Results

Each of your test calls will appear in your Call Log, here you can review each call and drill into the details of what happened every step of the way. Learn more about your Call Log.

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