How to View Call Details and read a Call Flow

Debugging with Call Flow

Unsure how a call was routed or why it skipped a certain endpoint? Want to know what your callers are doing? All this information is available by viewing the Call Flow for your call. The Call Flow provides information that can help to debug and improve call routing.

example_callViewing a call in the call log, note the UUID column to the very left.

Click on the UUID when viewing a Call Log, this will bring you to the call overview page where you can access your call data and most importantly- the Call Flow. The call flow will be visible at the bottom of the call overview page.


The Call Flow.

Each action that is taken during the call is listed in reverse-chronological order.

  • Items in Blue are informative.
  • Items in Green indicate a connection.
  • Items in Yellow indicate a warning.
  • Items in Red designate a problem. 

Any time we attempt to route a call to your Buyers, we list them in the order that they are being considered. We designate in the Call Flow if Buyers are closed, capped, or not matching the Tags on your call. Use can this information to troubleshoot your calls and better understand how calls are being routed in your campaign.

The following is another example, except this time, this call was not picked up. Reading from the bottom up we can determine that the Buyer did not pick up the call. The Timeout setting for the Buyer determines how long to attempt to call them before moving on to someone else. In this example, no one else was available.


In this example, the buyer timeout was reached, so this call went unanswered.


In this example, the call took place outside the available Buyer's business hours.

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