How to Add a Sub ID to a Number

Some lead tracking systems allow for call source tracking to be done by both Affiliate ID and sub Affiliate IDs. Retreaver also allows Call Source (Publisher) tracking from a given Sub ID (or Sub-Affiliate ID) by tagging numbers with a sub_id.

Adding a sub ID to a static Number

  1. In the left menu, go to the Numbers page and edit the desired Number (or add a new one). Add a sub_id to the number using the Wizard in the Tag list field.


  2. In the wizard, select the Text tab, then select the sub_id Key from the drop-down menu.


  3. Add the Value for the sub_id for your call source being tracked and click Add, then Done.


  4. You will see the new sub_id Tag appear in the list. Once you're finished, hit Update Number.


The sub_id Tag is considered special by Retreaver and will appear on your number and in your call log to help you drill down on data.

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