Setting up Conversion Webhooks from Retreaver to other platforms

Publishers sending calls to a Retreaver campaign may ask affiliates to utilize a conversion webhook to pass along the payout value of a converted call over to a third party system. This process typically requires a unique identifier to be passed along to Retreaver. The unique identifier is then associated with a specific call that the publisher has sent over, which is then used in the conversion webhook to associate the resulting payout back to that specific call. 



Step 1: Create a publisher data writing webhook.

Create a publisher data writing webhook, this is a webhook that your publisher will utilize in order to pass their unique identifier over to Retreaver. The call data writing webhook is created on a publisher profile. The process of creating the call data writing webhook takes one minute, and is covered in-depth here:


Step 2: Format the publisher data writing webhook.

Once you've created the call data writing webhook, you will have a webhook similar to:

Format the webhook to store the unique identifier, for this example, we will use "ringba_call_id":


Step 3: Provide the webhook to your publisher.

Provide the webhook to your publisher and instruct them to send a POST request to the webhook you've formatted, they will need to replace & provide the CALLER_NUMBER and the CALL_ID values. 

You can view the postback log to test and verify that they are sending back the call_id successfully here:


Step 4: Setting up the conversion webhook on a Retreaver campaign.

Step 4A) Head to your Retreaver campaign edit page, and scroll down to the webhooks section. Add a new webhook on the campaign and set the webhook trigger to "Conversion".

Step 4B) Paste the conversion webhook that your publisher provided and replace the substitute tag value for the unique identifier and the payout.

Using a Ringba conversion webhook example, the resulting webhook should look like the following:[ringba_call_id]&call_revenue=[payout]

Step 4C) Tag the webhook with a publisher/source ID using the tag wizard, this ensures the webhook only triggers for calls sent from that particular publisher.


Update your campaign to complete the conversion webhook implementation. ✅



Final dataflow summary:

1) Before your publisher routes the call to Retreaver, they will post the unique identifier for the call.
2) Once they route the call to Retreaver, we process the call into the Retreaver campaign.
3) When the call converts, we will trigger the conversion webhook, using the unique identifier and the payout that the call converted.

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