How to Group Call Endpoints (Buyers)


You may find yourself managing a large amount of geographically dispersed Call Endpoints (Buyers). We've made it easy for you to manage this by organizing them using groups.


Create a group

  1. Head into Contact Handlers -> Handler Group or head into Buyers -> Buyer Groups if Performance Marketing Edition is enabled under the Retreaver Store, then press "Create new group"
  2. Under the Call Buyer field, insert any call buyers you wish to add to this group


  3. Groups are useful any time you have multiple Call Endpoints (Buyers) to add to a Campaign. This group is treated exactly the same as normal entries for call routing purposes, this serves as a helpful container.

    Aside from organizational purposes, groups have their own daily, monthly, and hard caps. Calls contributing to a cap on an individual will also contribute to caps on the group they belong to. Set a cap on the group, and once the cap is reached, nobody in the group will receive calls.


  4. Edit the desired Campaign and begin typing the name of the group you've created and selected it. Be sure to click Update Campaign when you're finished.




Unlocking buyer groups allows for custom priorities and weights to be set for each call buyer in a group. However please note that any call buyers added to this group at a later date will also be added to a routing setting automatically in an unlocked state.


Split business hours

You can easily handle situations where a Call Endpoint (Buyer) has staggered business hours. Start by creating multiple Call Endpoints (Buyers) - one for each time shift, and add them to a group.

The cap should be set on the group, with the caps on the individuals being left as infinite. Once a cap is reached on the group, they will be blocked from receiving additional calls, no matter which shift they're on. You can combine caps on individuals with caps on the group to, for example, ensure a morning shift only gets a set number of calls each day.

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