Collaborating with Publishers and Call Buyers


Retreaver makes it simple to give Publishers and Buyers access to all the necessary functionality they need to track their calls. Through Publisher and Buyer roles, you can grant secure access to your partners and help them efficiently collaborate with you.

Affiliates and Buyers are able to login to Retreaver as collaborators and can view their own dashboard and Call Log. They can run reports on their calls and even interact with our API, all under the security provided by their permission-restricted role. Collaborators will receive an error when they try to accept an invite from an email while being logged into a different Retreaver account.


Do not share your login information with anyone, we have implemented systems to collaborate with other users safely in a controlled environment.


Publishers are used in the Retreaver system to segment call traffic by source. You can use the Publisher role to grant access to the parties responsible for driving your traffic.

The Publisher Role


The publisher role allows you granular control over which campaigns and phone numbers each publisher has access to. Publishers can only create new phone numbers if your per-affiliate "number cap" allows it and only for campaigns that they have been manually granted permission to access.

They can view calls that were generated through any phone numbers that they have been granted access to, but only limited information as defined by the collaborating publisher's permissions. Any calls that were generated before they were granted access to a phone number will not be visible to them.

What a collaborating Publisher sees.


Details on exactly what a collaborating Publisher will have access to.


Buyers represent the final destination of your call traffic to be routed to. If you aren't selling your traffic to others, you might wish to use the Buyer role to grant access to your calls' recipients, such as individual stores, branches, or call center managers.

The Buyer Role


Buyers are granted access to any calls that have been routed to their Buyer. Collaborators can run reports, listen to call recordings, and conduct their own data analysis.

When creating or editing a Buyer, you can invite them to collaborate with you by entering their name and e-mail address. Once they accept the invite, we'll only give them access to calls that are routed to Buyer's associated with them. They won't be granted access to any calls that were unanswered by them and sent somewhere else. See the section below titled Buyer Permissions for details on granular control over what exactly they can, and cannot do.

What a collaborating Buyer sees.


Details on exactly what a collaborating Buyer will have access to.

Inviting a Publisher or Buyer

When creating or editing Publishers or Buyers to collaborate with you, simply enter their email addresses to invite them. They'll be sent a confirmation email, and will then be able to interact with your account through their own logins with permissions specified.


Inviting a collaborator. Click + Invite from the collaborator screen to add a new collaborator. Enter their name and e-mail address, and select which Publishers and/or Buyers you want the collaborator to act as in Retreaver. Once you click Invite at the bottom of the form, we'll invite your collaborator and you must now configure their permissions.

Granting Buyer Permissions

We are very proud to offer granular control of what your Buyers can and cannot see and do. Call buyer permissions are modifiable under the buyer edit menu. Follow the link below for details.


Example of Buyer Permissions.

Granting Publisher Permissions

This step is vital, as without it, your invited collaborator may complain that they don't see anything on their account when they are logged in. Publisher permissions are modifiable under the publisher edit menu.


View our permissions article to learn more about modifying collaborator, publisher or call buyer permissions: Details on how to configure Permissions

Collaborator Status Explained

Invited status means they have not yet clicked the link in the email, be sure to check junk mail.

No Permissions status means their permissions have not yet been configured.

Connected status means they have confirmed the invite and have permissions set. Select Permissions for collaborating Publishers on the edit menu and you will see the screen below, with all campaigns on the left, and the campaigns they have access to on the right.


Granting a Publisher permissions to a Campaign.

Limiting Numbers Publishers can obtain


Configuring a number cap for a Publisher. Number pool numbers do not count toward this cap.

You can and should limit the number of phone numbers a Publisher can have provisioned by editing their record. Once they reach this cap, they'll be informed that they can't create any additional phone numbers. You can completely block Publishers from creating numbers by setting their number cap at 0. You'll still be able to provision numbers for them, but you'll need to grant them access to the numbers via the permissions screen. You can set the default number cap for new Publishers by editing your company.

Creating Collaborators

Retreaver users can act as multiple publishers or call buyers at once, consider creating collaborators to make organizing these roles easier.

Our "How to create collaborators" article covers how to create and manage collaborators

Our "Modifying Permissions" article covers how to configure or override permissions on the company, collaborator, publisher and call buyer levels.

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