How to Change your Retreaver Profile Image


Attaching a profile image is a fun way to distinguish yourself from other users and can help make organizing collaborators easier.

Retreaver recommends using Gravatar for your profile image needs. Gravatar is supported by a long list of webpages and applications. Whenever a site supporting Gravatar is used, your email associated with that page is used to fetch your profile image and other optional sections right into the webpage or platform your using. It's an easy and efficient way to manage your profile over several platforms. 

Setting up Gravatar is easy, here is a quick guide on setting up your own profile image on Gravatar.


  1. Step One

    Visit the Gravatar Website and make an account using the same email you use to access the Retreaver platform. Gravatar will send you a confirmation email and will associate that email with your profile details over all the webpages that support Gravatar.

  2. Step Two

    Now that your account is created and signed in, move to the Gravatar icon on the top right of the navigation panel. Here you will find options to add extra email associations or images. 

  3. Step Three

    You also have the option of including additional information about yourself under the "My Profile" section on the navigation menu. You could provide a short description about yourself or display various ways people could reach you, although depending on the site your using these fields might not always be visible.

  4. Step Four

    Once your finished filling out your profile, you must wait 5-10 minutes for the Gravatar servers to store and display your new image on their supported webpages. Logging out of Gravatar will speed up this process as it forces your browser to clear its cache and update your information.
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