How to Use Dynamic CallerID Obfuscation


There may be an occasional time when there isn't a lot of trust between yourself and the Call Endpoints (Buyers) you are doing business with. Some less-than-honorable ones may be tempted to copy down the caller ID and call them back to initiate a deal that does not involve you.

Retreaver can remedy this by editing the Call Endpoint (Buyer) to display the same Static number each time. It's kind of like an anti-theft lock for your leads.


This works great, but there are many times where the Call Endpoint (Buyer) may want to be able to track duplicates and tie caller's information to previous calls. When you enable the Dynamic function for CallerID Obfuscation, the area code and first few digits of the phone number will remain true so that location data is preserved, but we'll randomize the last four digits. This way, any callbacks from the same caller will have the same id if they ever call back.


If this Call Endpoint (Buyer) is collaborating with you, we'll reveal the real number in the call log and reporting - but only if the call converts!


It is highly recommended that you communicate that your plans to enable this feature, as you will need the co-operation of your Call Endpoint (Buyer) to use Dynamic CallerID Obfuscation.

Would this functionality be helpful to you? Contact Retreaver support for this to be enabled for your account.

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