How to Integrate Retreaver with Google Ads


Route incoming Google Ad calls based on search keyword or Ad

When promoting your website using Google Ads, Retreaver's Parameter Mapper can be used to attach tags to calls and ensure that calls for certain keyword searches or ads get routed to the correct destination. This is easy to do using Google's ValueTrack parameters and Retreaver number pools. 


Configuring Google Ad campaigns to pass URL parameters


Configuring an ad to pass the creative and keyword to a landing page.

Edit your Google Ads destination URL to include the ValueTrack parameters that you want to track. In the example above, we're passing in the creative ID as ga_creative and the keyword as ga_keyword.


Configure your Retreaver Parameter Mapping settings


Adding Tags in Retreaver (left) to detect from the landing page URL (right).

View your campaign, and select the Parameter Mapper from the Retreaver JS Settings section. Here you will configure how Retreaver should detect the ValueTrack parameters that you are now passing to your landing page. As shown above, whenever a visitor clicks through to your page via one of your Google ads, we'll attempt to detect the values of the ga_keyword and ga_creative and apply them as tags.

You'll need to have the Retreaver JS script placed in the <head> portion on your landing page for this detection to happen.

You'll also need to have a Number Pool configured for your campaign in order to use this feature. Because we are tagging numbers dynamically as visitors reach your landing page, you might need a large number pool depending on the number of unique keyword/ad combinations that you wish to track, but limited to the number of concurrent visitors that you expect.

Once the visitor calls the number that is displayed, Retreaver automatically tags the call with the Google Ad tags that have been set on the displayed number.


Routing to certain endpoints using passed Google Ad parameters


In order to get the creative ID that will be passed to our landing page, we need to enable the Id column in Google Ads.

Now that we are passing the creative ID and search keyword to our landing page and detecting it in Retreaver, we need to tag the endpoints on our campaign in-order to direct routing logic. 


Adding a Google Ads creative Tag to a Buyer.

Edit the Buyer you want to route to, and add your desired tags to the tag list. Specifying a creative in the example above ensures that all calls coming from this specific creative will be directed to this call buyer. In our case, we've tagged a Buyer with ga_creative:17394206701.


Routing Based on Traffic Source

Sometimes you have high-value traffic that you want to ensure only gets to your best call buyers, or sales representatives. Perhaps you have a Google Ads campaign running and you want to make sure calls from that campaign are treated uniquely. Add any parameters you want Retreaver to detect for by editing your Parameter Mapper settings. Retreaver will apply detected values as tags, and tags will be used to influence your routing settings.

Enter source as the tag key and URL parameter, and update the campaign. Now whenever someone visits your site, we'll automatically check the landing page URL for the source parameter, and set the source tag if it is found. For this to happen, you'll need to have either a Number Pool configured for your campaign, or numbers configured and tagged individually with each possible source tag that you want to use.


Adding a source tag to a Buyer.

Here we added the source:ga tag to our Buyer, ensuring that only Google Ad calls get routed to this particular Buyer. Perhaps they are specially trained on handling calls from your Google Ads campaign, or it's a buyer that pays higher rates for these calls.


Call-Only Ads

The only way to pass keywords into Retreaver from Google Ads Call-Only ads is to set up a static phone number in Retreaver tagged with each keyword, and then in Google Ads set up a corresponding Ad Group using that phone number and that single keyword.

Click here to view an example of a preset number on a Google Ads campaign.

This has a potential to be somewhat tedious. If you wish to avoid manually tagging several static numbers, feel free to submit a support ticket for assistance setting it up.

We would also love to know how you're using Retreaver with Google Ads, let us know if you have any additional features or suggestions by submitting a support ticket.

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