How to add Jornaya Validation into your campaigns


Jornaya provides TCPA compliance services and detailed caller journey reports by tracking sales leads across various channels. Verifying that callers contain a valid Jornaya leadID will ensure your tracking campaigns are TCPA compliant and confirm that the caller has expressed intent in your offerings.


Integrating with Jornaya

  1. Request a Zapier Endpoint URL from Retreaver Support. We will provide a unique Zapier endpoint which will be used to parse the response from Jornaya and post it back to your call.

  2. Add a Startping Webhook to your campaign, or set a company wide default webhook that will trigger on all of your campaigns. This webhook will send data to request an HTTP payload from Jornaya indicating if the prospect contains a valid Jornaya lead Id.

  3. Send a GET request to:


    Include your Jornaya Account Code Api Key, Retreaver's replacement token will insert the callers Jornaya Lead ID into the Request.

  4. Create a new boolean tag which will be used to store the Jornaya response:

  5. The last step is to place filter tags on your buyers. Tag your buyers with "valid_leadid=true". 

Now as calls engage with your Retreaver Campaign, Retreaver will analyze the caller profile and verify if it contains a valid Jornaya lead id.


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