How to add the Blacklist Integration into your campaigns


Blacklist Alliance provides a Litigation Firewall™, reducing the risk of contacting abusive plaintiffs and class action lawyers. Enable Blacklist on your campaigns and Retreaver will automatically analyze incoming callers to ensure pending leads are not on the Blacklist registry.


Integrating with Blacklist Alliance

  1. Add a Startping Webhook to your campaign, or set a company wide default webhook that will trigger on all of your campaigns. Note that setting default webhooks will only apply to any subsequently created campaigns - add a startping webhook directly to any pre-existing campaigns otherwise.

  2. BLA offers multiple variations of their API, one returning a JSON response, and one returning a raw numerical response. You will need to send a POST request to the applicable Zapier webhook depending on which variation you intend to use. Zapier is used to parse the BLA response into a JSON payload in order to tag incoming calls.

    Please note: the RAW method responds quicker and with a higher success rate than the JSON method, for this reason we recommend users implement the RAW webhook on their Retreaver campaigns if your BLA account is configured for that method. 

    Blacklist JSON url:

    Webhook to place on your Retreaver Campaign:[nanp_caller_number]&key=[call_key]&uuid=[call_uuid]

    Blacklist RAW url: 

    Webhook to place on your Retreaver Campaign:[nanp_caller_number]&key=[call_key]&uuid=[call_uuid]

    Include your Blacklist Api Key, meanwhile Retreaver's
    [replacement token] will insert the callers number and data posting details to the request dynamically unique to each call.

  3. Create a boolean tag that will be used to store the Blacklist response: "theblacklist_blacklisted"

  4.  Our intermediary integration provider "Zapier" adds latency to the parsing logic for the BLA integration, this means that BLA responses might come in a second or two after the call enters your campaign. To prevent unwanted calls from routing, we suggest adding a greeting prompt on your campaign, as well as tagging your buyers with a mandatory "=false" tag below to ensure calls will not be routed early without a confirmation the caller is not black listed from BLA. 

  5. The last step is to place filter tags on your buyers to prevent connecting to blacklisted callers. Tag your buyers with "theblacklist_blacklisted:false". 

Now as calls engage with your Retreaver Campaign, Retreaver will analyze the caller and prevent routing them if they are blacklisted.

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