How to Integrate Retreaver with Facebook Lead Ads

How to Integrate Retreaver with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook is one of the most established social platforms on the web today.  Facebook supports 2.4 billion users on a monthly basis, and reports that 1.59 billion users actively log unto Facebook each day.

As expected when creating a social profile, a user must provide a name, email and phone number for security and account association purposes. As the user engages with content on the platform, more profile insights and interests are gathered over time - ultimately making Facebook one of the most powerful contact lists on the planet.

Advertising on Facebook makes lead generation simple. Users can easily engage with brands without having to view content that is not catered to their specific interests, and since all important contact information is already associated with the user, leads don't have to fill out any forms or even dial a number to connect with a brand. Facebook Lead Ads can help you deliver ads to a custom audience of your choice, ensuring you have the highest rate of successful impressions and engagements.


Common Facebook Lead Ad campaign tasks:

  • Gather emails and contact information for a newsletter.
  • Direct personalized & qualified traffic to a landing page.
  • Promote a brand, product or service to a specific audience.
  • Offer quotes or price estimates directly on the platform.
  • Seamlessly connect with leads using a "Call Now" button.



Methods of integrating with Facebook Lead Ads


Using a tagged static number

Using a tagged static number

Facebook offers the option of adding a "Call Now" button for mobile advertisements that promote a business page.

Create a unique static number inside of your chosen Retreaver campaign, then tag that number with any necessary attributes that you wish to track for. Create tags that describe your target audience, this will help you better analyze your custom audience performance and get more granular control of your attribution, routing and reporting results for this campaign.

For example, say your advertisement campaign is targeting 25-45 year old men living in New York, who are interested in signing up for life insurance - Attach these attributes as tags to your static number. Retreaver will then automatically tag incoming callers with your chosen attributes and run any campaign logic you have created.


Configure what type of audience and geographic location you are targeting inside of Facebook Lead Ads.

Specify that this campaign is for "mobile devices" only and then select "Call Now" under the call to action portion of the ad. When mobile users tap the call now button, their phone will initiate a call and connect to your Retreaver provided static number.


Note that the "Call Now" call to action is currently only available under the "Local Awareness" campaign objective when creating ads that promote a facebook business page.

If you are not promoting a direct business page, you may choose to display the static number using text on the advertisement instead or redirect to a landing page that has lead-tracking enabled using the Retreaver.js script.

Passing URL Parameters along to a landing page

Passing URL Parameters along to a landing page

You have the option of redirecting lead ad clicks into a landing page, while also passing along any necessary attributes via URL parameters. As leads land on your website, Retreaver will detect any URL parameters and attach them as tags to the presented number on your page using parameter mapping.


Configuring Facebook supplied URL parameters is done under the "Build a URL Parameter" section of the Facebook Lead Ad builder when creating landing page ads. 

Utilizing Facebook event triggers to update CRM's

Utilizing Facebook event triggers to update CRM's

The Facebook API can connect with a CRM of your choice to automatically document any interactions with your brand. Any impressions, engagements or interactions with a Facebook Lead ad can trigger events that update relevant lead profiles in your CRM.

If you are an experienced developer looking to work directly with the Facebook API, view the Facebook CRM Integration guide to connect Facebook's API to your desired CRM platform.

If you are using a popular CRM platform, chances are that platform is supported on Zapier - in which case you can simply connect your Facebook marketing account to Zapier and trigger a lead submission to your desired CRM.

Confirming Offline Conversions

Confirming Offline Conversions

Any impressions that lead to an offline sale can be attributed by cross referencing a list of leads that viewed an ad and then went on to purchase a product or service in person within a given timeframe. The customer service representative would have to request a promo code, or verify the contact information of the customer at the time of purchase to properly attribute offline conversions.

Retreaver can package your call data and use it to trigger Facebook conversion events:

  • To upload offline events manually, upload a CSV list of calls to Facebook's Offline Event Handler. Generate a CSV list containing converted calls using Retreaver's call log, then upload the list to the Facebook event handler to process conversions.
  • To trigger conversions programmatically, trigger events using Facebook's Marketing API. Generate an Access Token for authentication, then create a Facebook Pixel ID to contain your event. Lastly you will need to trigger events using the Facebook Server-Side API.
  • To trigger offline conversions using Zapier webhooks, View our Zapier Guide on how to map caller attributes from Retreaver into Zapier and trigger Facebook offline events automatically at the end of each call.
  • To trigger conversions using Retreaver webhooks, create a pixel and an event named "CallConverted" in the Facebook Business Manager, then place the facebook pixel url into a "when call is converted" webhook:

Creating custom Facebook & Instagram audiences

Creating custom Facebook & Instagram audiences

Facebook offers the option of generating custom audiences for your future advertisements by automatically logging any converted or prospective leads into a contact list that you may later choose to retarget. This contact list makes it easy to reconnect with previously converted leads for future promotions, or to retarget leads that called or landed on your page but did not quite convert yet.

Learn more about creating custom audiences on Facebook & Instagram using customer lists by viewing the Creating Custom Audiences guide on the Facebook platform.


We would love to know how you're using Retreaver with Facebook & Instagram, let us know if you have any suggestions by submitting a support ticket.

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