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Contact Center Compliance provides cloud based compliance solutions, helping organizations adhere to TCPA and DNC regulations. Enable DNC Contact Center Compliance on your campaigns and Retreaver will automatically analyze incoming callers to ensure pending leads are not on a "Do Not Call" Registry list. DNC will also prevent active litigator numbers from connecting to a potential call buyer.

Integrating with DNC 

  1. Add a Startping Webhook to your campaign, or set a company wide default webhook that will trigger on all of your campaigns. This webhook will send data to request an HTTP payload from indicating a lead's connection eligibility.

  2. Send a GET request using the following API endpoint:[nanp_caller_number]&uuid=[call_uuid]&call_key=[call_key]

    Include your DNC Api Key, Retreaver's replacement token will insert the callers number into the Request.

  3. Create 3 new text tags which will be used to store the DNC response:
    A) "dncscrub_line_type" B) "dncscrub_reason" C) "dncscrub_result_code"

  4. The last step is to place filter tags on your buyers to prevent connecting to blocked callers. Tag your buyers with "dncscrub_result_code:!=B" & "dncscrub_result_code:!=D". 

Now as calls engage with your Retreaver Campaign, Retreaver will analyze the caller and prevent routing them if they are on a DNC list.

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