How to add a ringtone greeting to a campaign

Adding a Ringtone Greeting to a Retreaver Campaign

Having a ringtone greeting can be crucial for "on call start" webhooks as it provides a valuable buffer of time for HTTP webhook integrations to complete prior to selecting a downstream endpoint to route into. Without a ringtone greeting, these webhook responses might not be received back in time for routing decisions to take place - leaving these buyers less likely to receive calls.

Webhook integrations that especially benefit from a ringtone greeting would be any integrations that return a necessary response prior to opening up a buyer endpoint for routing, such as "Agent Availability" integrations , or "Call Bidding/Auction" integrations.

This ringtone greeting temporarily pauses routing decisions for a few moments and allows Retreaver to process any pending webhook responses back into tags.  The resulting tag values can then be utilized to influence your campaign routing flows.



Step 1) Navigate to your Retreaver Campaign and hit edit.

Step 2) Scroll down to the "Prompts" section

Step 3) Enable the "Greeting Prompt":

Step 4) Press the "Audio" button, then upload the following audio file by pressing "Choose File":

Step 5) Set repeat to zero, as we only want to play this 3 second ringtone greeting once. Note that most integrations finish processing in under one second. If more time is needed - you may increase the repeat value to increase the ringtone greeting by an additional 3 seconds per repeat. 

Step 6) Update your campaign to save your changes.

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