How to Display Dynamic Tracking Numbers on your Landing Page



Retreaver can dynamically display tracking numbers on your landing pages. This involves adding a single script to the <head/> tag of your landing page which maps any parameters you are tracking and helps to determine which tracking number to present.


1) Create a Retreaver Campaign

Head into your Campaigns menu and click the Campaign ID of the campaign you want to track calls into. Make sure the campaign has at least one active tracking number associated with it. Then navigate into the Retreaver.js tab to start configuring the campaign for DNI. Learn more about campaigns and their usage here.



2) Add Retreaver.js to the <head/> section of your webpage

Place the Retreaver.js snippet for this specific Campaign into the <head> section of your landing page. You can use the copy icon to copy the script to your clipboard for pasting.



3) Tell Retreaver which number(s) to replace on your page

Whether you have numbers embedded in your header, links, buttons or inside paragraph text on our landing page; Retreaver is able to replace any of them automatically to maintain a consistent number throughout your page.

Simply copy the number from your page and add to the Number Replacement section of your campaign's Retreaver.js settings, this will instruct the Retreaver API to scan for those specific digits on your webpage and replace them with your Retreaver tracking number.



The initial number on your page prior to dynamic replacement should be real and reachable. In the event that your number pool is maxed out, or the visitor is using adblock, only the original number will be displayed. We recommend using a static Retreaver number so your calls are still tracked.

Replacing Numbers with tagged sources or tag lists

Retreaver DNI will find and replace numbers on your page only if the source and taglist match with the inbound callers attributes.

If a number is tagged with a source, Retreaver will need to detect that exact value as an "affiliate_id" tag in order to insert the number on that page. The same goes for any additional tags included in the tag list portion of a number, matching tags have to be present in order to successfully insert numbers.

For example: This number is tagged with a source of "adwords". Retreaver will need to detect this value in order to supply this number to your web page.

Parameter mapping has been configured to fetch the value of "affiliate_id", Retreaver will be able to detect the value of utm_source and place it into the affiliate_id tag.

When a lead visits "", Retreaver will now fetch an applicable number using that source and replace it on your page.

 Optional: Parameter Mapping Configuration

Previously in step 3, we included URL parameter mapping on your campaign in order to tell Retreaver which number to display using a source. If you've also tagged numbers using the tag list, Retreaver will then also need to match with those tags in order to present that number to the visitor.

Retreaver can also use your URL parameters to supply additional information and tag any inbound calls in your campaigns. Learn more about parameter mapping and its URL tracking & tagging capabilities.


5) Optional: Number Pool Configuration

If you are implementing dynamic number insertion using a number pool, select "visitor tracking" in the number pool edit menu. Visitor tracking will allow real-time tracking for simultaneous visitors on your landing pages by allocating a unique number from your pool for each session on your landing page.


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