Retreaver Introduces Route By Performance

Retreaver Introduces Route By Performance

In the past, Retreaver users could only influence call endpoint routing flows using endpoint priority and weight settings. However with the release of the new "Route by Performance" feature, our users now have two options to influence how they want their calls routed to their downstream buyers.

Available Routing Options:

Strict Routing: A “strict” type of performance routing means that the calls will always be routed
strictly to the buyer with the highest performance

Weighted Routing: “Weighted” type of performance routing means the performance value will
be used as a “weight” to distribute calls between buyers within a given priority group. The
highest performing buyer will get most of the calls, however, lower performing buyers will get
calls in order to continually calculate performance and distribute calls between all buyers within
each priority group.


Available Customization options:

Performance Lookback Period: This is a customizable tab where you indicate how long
Retreaver looks at the performance of a buyer for the look back period, up to the time of the
creation of the campaign.

Minimum calls required to update performance: This is where we will update the
performance of a buyer only after they’ve received the minimum amount of calls for the look
back period.

Example: If a buyer has a performance of 13.2, the minimum calls required is 30 and they’ve
received only 11 calls, we will not update their performance. It will stay at 13.2.
This option can be left blank and Retreaver will try to use a reasonable value based on the
campaign. It can also be set to 0 if the user wants to update the performance of a buyer even
when they’ve received no calls. Note that this could lead to performance being set to 0.

Default Performance: Default performance is optional. Retreaver will wait to establish the
performance of targets. This period is called “learning”. While “learning” calls will be routed by

Default performance could be set to skip the learning period and tell Retreaver what is the
relative performance of the target.

Note that “default performance” is used only until the buyer receives the minimum calls for the
look back period. After that, Retreaver knows the performance of the buyer.

Route by Performance on State Level: When this option is selected. Retreaver will only look
at the performance of a state level and route by it without taking into account overall
performance of all buyers in all States cumulatively.
Enabling the Route by Performance feature is done on a request basis. Contact Retreaver
support and we will be happy to enable the feature for you


Below are the steps in order to customize the Route by Performance once the feature is
enabled on your account:

For any questions, please feel free to contact Retreaver support directly.

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