Retreaver introduces Route By Bid Winner

Retreaver introduces Route By Bid Winner

When working with multiple buyers in a campaign that route based on either Static or Dynamic conversion criteria, Retreaver’s Route By Bid Winner feature will allow Retreaver users to accept bids and take them into account when routing calls based on the highest bid.


Buyer 1 - Static Conversion: $30/90sec

Buyer 2 - Dynamic Bid Received: $40/90sec

Buyer 3 - Dynamic Bid Received: $35/90sec

In this case, Buyer 2 wins the call as their bid has the highest revenue.


How to enable Route By Bid Winner:

Step 1:


Step 2:


The tags for each buyer will be listed in their API. Tag the conversion criteria with the seconds, revenue and payout tag as necessary.

Once the bids are received by Retreaver from each individual buyer. Retreaver knows to assign bids to the buyer profile based on the tags. These will then provide Retreaver with a revenue/timer (bid). The highest bid will receive the call.

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