Utilizing the Retreaver Call Rejection System

Retreaver Call Rejection System

Retreaver buyer profiles have many tools at their disposal to manage and influence the acceptance criteria of routed calls such as setting business hours, using filter tags or utilizing the call reservation system.

There might be occasions however where a buyer could be routed a call but due to unexpected circumstances, become unable to pick up and process the call. The Retreaver call rejection system offers the ability for buyers or third party systems to return calls routed to endpoints within a 90 second time window using an HTTP webhook.



Step 1) Setting up a Buyer Group

Create a new buyer group that will contain the list of buyers that can return calls.


Step 2) Creating the Call Rejection webhook link

Navigate to the bottom of the buyer group overview page once it is created and generate a new call rejection link using the "+" symbol on the top left of the "Postback Keys" section:

Example call rejection webhook

Step 3) Trigger the call rejection link using an HTTP post system of your choice

In the above example, we generated the following HTTP call rejection webhook:


You will need to supply the caller number of the call that was recently routed to a buyer which is currently pending rejection. 

Note for rejecting calls from within Retreaver: If you are using the call rejection feature on Retreaver, the domain of the request must be changed from "https://api.routingapi.com/" to "https://retreaverdata.com/"

Depending on your technical infrastructure, your buyer has several options to trigger this webhook:

A) Internet Browser Emulation:
They can manually copy and paste the URL and fill in the caller number into an internet browser to emulate an HTTP request and return the call.

B) Automated Call Routing Software:
Use their receiving call routing system [ Such as dialer/voicemail software ] to reject the call under certain conditions and automate the HTTP post to supply the caller number and trigger the rejection webhook from their end. 

C) Manual HTTP post trigger:
Use any tool capable of triggering an HTTP post on command, such as a web form.

Once this HTTP post is triggered using one of the methods above, Retreaver will withdraw the call from the endpoint and attempt to send it to another buyer on your campaign. 


Call Reservation Workflow Summary

  1. Retreaver will route an incoming call to an available buyer endpoint in your buyer group. 
  2. In the circumstance the call cannot be accepted by the endpoint, the endpoint should trigger the rejection webhook listed in step 3.
  3. Retreaver will withdraw the call from the endpoint and attempt to send it to another buyer in your campaign.


Your buyer will now be able to reject a transferred caller from your campaign which will be returned and rerouted to another available buyer in your campaign.

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