How to configure Retreaver Number Caps

Retreaver Number Granule Caps

The Retreaver Number Granule cap function empowers users with the flexibility to limit publisher numbers within specified time intervals, even down to a minute. This not only enables users to establish caps on publishers but also provides them with the capability to finely tailor the flow of traffic originating from specific publisher numbers. In doing so, it allows for precise control over the number of conversions that publishers can achieve during the designated time blocks.


Step 1: Editing a Retreaver Number

Choose a number you wish to apply the function to, and then click on the "Edit" option:


Step 2: Establish Time Blocks

Navigate to the "Business Hours" section within the Number settings and establish time blocks for each day (click on the small green “+” next to the time block). Please keep in mind that Retreaver Number Granule Caps allows you to set time blocks as fine as per minute intervals, offering maximum flexibility. Furthermore, if you choose to have just one time block for the entire day, the cap you set will serve as the overall conversion limit for that day:


Step 3: Apply Caps to Time Blocks

After creating the time blocks, apply the conversion cap to each of them in the "Caps" section. It's important to highlight that Retreaver offers users the flexibility to set caps based on either Conversions or Connections:


Configuring based on either conversion or connection:


Step 4: Apply your changes to the Retreaver Number

Upon finishing the configuration, click the "Update Number" option in the bottom right corner to save your changes and access the Number Granular cap settings view mode:



Optional: Setting up Automated Alerts

We've also integrated real-time alerts to inform users when particular numbers reach their cap within the designated time block. This empowers users to make informed decisions instantly. Please remember to clear notifications to ensure you continue receiving subsequent alerts.


Step 1: Navigate to the Alerts page

Click on the bell icon located on the top right of the browser, and select “Configure alerts”:


Step 2: Configure Alerts to notify of Capped Numbers

In the "Configure Alert" section, users can establish the cap reach threshold, access past alerts, and clear existing alerts:

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