How to Balance Call Flow with Priority and Weight


The flow of calls may be balanced and sorted using Priority and Weight within Retreaver. This allows you to assign certain call Endpoints (i.e. Agents or Buyers) precedence over others.

Simply put, Priority is how you set the order of who gets considered for a call first, and Weight works within a Priority level.

Priority Is Evaluated First

Retreaver allocates calls to Endpoints using priority as the first criteria for routing. When a call comes into a campaign, all Priority 1 endpoints on the campaign are first checked for availability (are they open/available) and then matched based on the tags assigned to the endpoint.

When an Endpoint is found to be open and all tags they want are matched, the call is sent to them to be answered. 

When none of the Priority 1 Endpoints are available nor match, Retreaver moves on to the next Priority grouping (i.e. 2) to find a destination.

And of course, all this happens in the blink of an eye.

Priority allows you to set an overflow number

By using priority you can add overflow numbers to take calls when none of your main agents or buyers are available.

In the image below, the agents are in priority 1, and the overflow number is priority 2. This means calls will only be sent to the overflow number when none of the agents are available. 


The red numbers represents the priority

Adding Top Performers Later

Have someone new who you want to be considered first? You don’t need to change everyones existing Priority, just make your star performer a Priority of -1. You can keep adding on afterwards as well, -2 will be considered before -1.

Weight Controls Quantity of Calls Allocated

When evaluating a call and Retreaver finds two equally matched and available Endpoints to send the call onto, Weight is applied to control how many of the calls each endpoint receives. Each will receive a relative percentage of calls to the total weight of the priority group. Note that weight distribution only affects calls within a particular priority group.

For example say you have two Endpoints: A with a weight of 1 and B with a weight of 3. Together the buyers have a total sum weight of 4.

  • Agent A receives 1 of 4 calls 
  • Agent B receives 3 of 4 calls

With weight, the higher the number, the more calls they will receive for that particular priority group.

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