Retreaver Update: Routing Settings

Adding a buyer group to a campaign and viewing coverage.

We're proud to introduce our new Routing Settings interface, offering streamlined management of how your calls are routed, all at the campaign level.

This new interface simplifies many common tasks and makes it easy for campaign managers to find gaps in buyer coverage.


Manage priority & weight without modifying buyers

Unlocking a buyer in order to drag it to a new priority group.

In the past, Retreaver users have had to duplicate their buyer records in order to change the priority or weight of a buyer for a single campaign.

With our new interface, changing priority on a buyer is as simple as unlocking the buyer and dragging it to another priority group.


Assign multiple actions to a single route

Assigning multiple caller actions to a route.

Routing to the same set of buyers on different keypresses? No longer is it necessary to duplicate your lists of buyers.

Keep your routing settings organized and simplify maintenance by simply selecting multiple actions from the dropdown menu.


Disable buyers with ease

Disabling a buyer using the toggle.

Need to temporarily disable a buyer for a single campaign? Now you can simply disable it by toggling it off on your campaign, without removing it.

You don't have to unlock your buyers to disable them.


View coverage across all buyers on a campaign

Routing calls to many different buyers that take calls from different areas? Now you can visually check campaign coverage to ensure all relevant locations and hours are covered.


Switching to coverage mode to view state coverage.

The state view shows which buyers are accepting calls from which states, with gaps in coverage being highlighted in red. All of this data is available while you're editing your campaign.

Business Hours

Switching to coverage mode to view business hour coverage.

The business hour view shows you open/close periods across all buyers on your campaign while you're editing it. Hours are displayed in your local timezone, allowing you to find coverage gaps with ease.


More to come...

We're excited about these changes and we hope you are too! We'd love to hear your feedback!

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