Benefits of using Zapier to connect all of your Web-Services

Zapier is a web-service that acts as a middle agent between thousands of web-applications. Through using Webhooks, Zapier can easily integrate Retreaver with all of your favorite websites.

Send, store and analyze data related to calls automatically

Start Ping Webhooks can be used to send information to Zapier, which automatically forwards to any web-service of your choosing. 

Use external data to update Retreaver calls

Post-Back Webhooks can be sent to a specific Retreaver Call UUID, adding the ability to update any tags in your calls from outside of the Retreaver platform during or at the end of a call.

Zapier connects you with thousands of applications

Connect Retreaver with all of your favorite platforms & applications!

Using Zapier opens up a world of possibilities.

  • Store call information automatically into a customer relationship manager of your choice.
  • Use CRM data to build customer profiles and apply them back as tags for repeat callers
  • Pass contact lists to your preferred marketing automation tools to generate new leads
  • Enable your endpoints to confirm a converted lead or update call attributes in real-time.
  • Send support or sales information back into your organizations platform to trigger events
  • Use gathered call data to analyze consumer insights or tweak marketing efforts using your preferred tech stack.

Were looking forward to the amazing opportunities this will bring to the inbound phone sales and marketing fields.

View our guide on How to Integrate Retreaver with Zapier via Webhooks to learn more.

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