Campaign usage and Terminology



 A campaign is the main element used on the Retreaver platform. You could think of campaigns as the headquarters of a particular product or service. Campaigns manage tracked numbers, call buyers and routing rules. Numbers and buyers associated with a campaign will obey the routing rules you created. Campaigns essentially define a structure for your marketing efforts.

Campaign Overview

The overview tab will display a brief description of the campaign, routing settings, prompts and a default conversion criteria. 

You can view a report of all the calls that came through under the "Calls" section within the campaign. Campaigns can also trigger webhook events on your pages if you wish to trigger some logic based on a campaign state.


Toggles give you additional control over your campaign. If you wish to modify repeat caller handling behaviour, enable call recording or click to call , those features can be toggled here.


If you have additional collaborators, you may give them campaign specific permissions here. For more information read our guide on Collaborating with Publishers and Buyers.

Retreaver JS Settings

Here you will have access to a code snippet that you may place on your pages, this helps access your campaign functionalities from outside of the platform. Campaigns come with a unique ID and campaign key, these are used to identify the campaign and access the numbers that will be displayed, tracked and routed on your pages. 

URL Parameter Mappers are used to detect and store information from your pages into tags. Perhaps you wish to tag some information from a previous page, or to forward some data into another page. Parameter mappers will listen for and track those variables for you.

Number Replacement tells the Retreaver API how to DNI (dynamically number insert) on your page. If you have a placeholder number but wish to replace them dynamically with the tracked numbers associated on your campaign, place them here. Retreaver's API will scan for the numbers to be replaced in the exact format so be sure it is an exact match for the DNI to work.

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