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The Retreaver Navigation Panel will aid you in accessing information that will be vital to your success. Based on the role that you have within the system, your view could be slightly different.

A Super-User and Collaborator will have different views due to security / privacy concerns.

Please familiarize yourself with this section as you will be using it whenever you log in. The Navigational Panel is comprised of several tabs that will allow you to explore the platform. Below you will find a brief explanation of each tab and its functionality.


Section Description

A Campaign in Retreaver is what is used to create your call flow. It is comprised of Routing Settings, Prompts, Conversion Criteria and Webhooks.

Without the creation of a campaign, Retreaver will not be able to track, tag or route calls.

Publishers / Sources Create or edit a previously created Publisher / Source here. You will be given the option of adding properties, conversion criteria or automatically invite a collaborator to work with you.
Buyers / Contact Handlers

It is necessary to create a buyer in order to complete your campaign workflow. Without an active Buyer, a call will have nowhere to be routed to. This is an essential section and should be one of the first items to create when considering the start of a campaign.

The options available when creating a new buyer are Properties, CallerID Obfuscation, Business Hours, Priority, Caps, Tags, Conversion Criteria and Collaboration. Make sure you have inserted the correct information as these sections are crucial to the success of your campaign.


The main purpose of this section is to select and configure a new Retreaver number. You can also manage previously purchased numbers. Searching by keyword and filtering by multiple fields is also an option. The table here will also provide you with valuable information at a glance.

Associated campaigns, publishers, tags are all examples of information that you will find here. Lastly, you will not be able to create a new number without first associating it with a campaign, please select the appropriate campaign prior to clicking “New”.

Number Pools

There are two ways of creating numbers, you could add a single specific number or generate them dynamically on the landing page using Number Pools.

The URL Sniffing Parameters (set in the Company page or the individual Campaign) will tell Retreaver what to capture from the URL and recognizes them as Tags attributed to calls.

The information provided in the table here is similar to what you will find when selecting the “Numbers” tab. Select “New Number Pool” to configure the Number and Number Pool properties.


All kinds of useful data already come attached to your calls, it's time to use it! Whether it's using a caller's state to route to a local representative, or just making sure the most valuable leads go straight to your best salesperson, Retreaver Tags can get it done.

When you take advantage of Tags, you can set extremely specific requirements for who will qualify to be the Call Endpoint (Buyer). Retreaver is designed around call data, and in Retreaver call data is presented as tags. For more information surrounding tags, please view the article entitled “How to Filter Calls Based on Tags”.


Retreaver reporting is multi-faceted, whether you are looking to monitor the activity of your publisher or calculate the revenue derived from a call - Retreaver can accommodate your needs.

You can generate a manual one time report or a recurring report which is emailed directly to you or to any recipient of your choice. You can also generate reports based on calls associated with the publisher, buyer, campaign or number.

When generating a report, you have the ability to filter based on any value thus giving you the freedom to formulate the results you are looking for.

Call Log

Much like the Reporting tab, the Call Log will provide you with an array of useful information when it comes to monitoring calls that take place within the system. Here, you will find multiple ways to acquire the information you desire by using our intuitive filters. You can also view your calls & conversions rate here.

*Note* In order to have access to the recordings of every call, you must first turn on the Call Recording option. This can be done by navigating to the specific campaign and selecting “Toggles”.

Settings This tab encompasses a number of options that will assist you in configuring the entire platform. Adjust your company properties, add collaborators or superusers, adjust payment details or access our integrations.
Support This tab will direct you to our Help Center.  
System Status In the rare occasion that there are any issues with the platform, click here to get a specific update on what is happening and what steps are being taken to provide a solution.
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