How to set up an Offer Carousel


If you are managing multiple offers or campaigns, it might be worthwhile to set up an offer carousel that connects all of your products and services. Callers are prompted and if they are interested in a specific service, they will be routed accordingly. If a caller is not interested initially, you could present an additional offer or redirect to a separate campaign and still make use of the traffic.

Offer Carousel Setup

Setting up an offer carousel works by creating a chain of prompted buyers or campaigns. If a caller says "yes" to an offer then they are connected to a call agent, if not then they are prompted for another offer or redirected into another campaign.


  1. First create a tag that will store the callers response. This tag will be assigned on a buyer level and will automatically be prompted for when attempting to match with that agent. 


  2. Now we set up a Carousel campaign, its important to give the caller a chance to opt out of the campaign by providing an exit key - in this case we remind the caller in the greeting that they can opt out anytime by pressing 9. This campaign will continually prompt each agent's offer, if no match was made then redirect or end the call.



    If there are multiple offers, there should be enough buyers that accept all possible values for that key. A Buyer could accept several different values for an offer and exclude certain other ones: Product_Interest:Insurance, Product_Interest:Healthcare, Product_Interest!=Phoneplan will route calls to that buyer if they are interested in Insurance or Healthcare but NOT Phoneplans
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