How to Track Inbound Call Events Directly into HubSpot Analytics


When HubSpot is the central nervous system of your sales and marketing teams. Your inbound call data needs to be available where they live. With Retreaver you can easily send all those metrics into HubSpot for viewing in reports and on dashboards.

Tracking call events in HubSpot Analytics

Before you begin tracking inbound call events in HubSpot Analytics, you’ll need to connect Retreaver and HubSpot and set up a call tracking campaign in Retreaver. Retreaver campaigns may be configured to track when calls start, when an agent is selected, when calls are answered, when they end and when the calls convert.


Add the call events to track in HubSpot Analytics

In the Reports > Analytics Tools > Events section, add a new event for the inbound call events you’d like to track. Common events are:

  • Call Started
  • Call Answered
  • Call Converted (or Ended)

UC4-image2.png  UC4-image3.png

Add event webhooks to the Retreaver call campaign

In the Retreaver campaign add a Webhook for each of the events you’d like to track. Don’t forget to match the type of call event to the HubSpot event.


Information about configuring HubSpot event webhooks can be found on the HubSpot Events HTTP API page.

View inbound call reports on your dashboard

Once you have your Events Report. Use the Add to Dashboard option to send your inbound call metrics to your favourite dashboard.


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