How to Track Inbound Calls into HubSpot CRM Automatically


Use Retreaver with HubSpot to track every inbound call into your organization back to the campaign, keyword, even creative that lead to the call. The call source, plus any other data you capture about your caller or callers’ session, is sent to their contact record in HubSpot as a call starts and may be updated after a call ends.

Sending call data into HubSpot

Before you begin capturing call data and sending it into HubSpot CRM, you’ll need to Connect Retreaver and HubSpot. Retreaver can be configured to capture online and offline sources, create and update contact records in HubSpot, apply data about known callers onto the call, and to post data about the caller onto contact timelines.


Quickly drill into which sources are driving calls, conversions, and revenue.

Tracking online and offline call sources

Tracking call source is one of the primary reasons marketers use the Retreaver Integration for HubSpot.

Retreaver tracks calls from online and offline sources, and unlike other call tracking solutions, multiple sources may be tracked into a single campaign. Once you configure a call campaign, you simply assign tracking numbers for each call source you’d like to track.

Tracking offline sources

Offline call sources are those where the lead is obtaining your phone number through a static or disconnected medium:

  • Television, radio and signage
  • Direct mail or printed ad
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Call Extensions

Start by adding a new number to your Retreaver campaign.


Assign the Source that the number is associated with. To track additional details, such as the marketing campaign, keyword, creative, offer or otherwise, add tags to the number by using the Wizard.


Tags allow you to assign as much data to a static number as you like.

Tracking online sources

Online call sources are those where a lead is connected to the web at the time they are viewing your phone number. It allows Retreaver to dynamically assign data to a phone number about the context of the call and caller. Online sources include:

  • Landing pages
  • Websites
  • Mobile apps

With online sources, tracking call data may be done automatically by using a Number Pool with your campaign


and by adding the campaign’s Retreaver.js to the web and mobile pages for which you want to track calls


You also have the option of mapping URL parameters such as utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_content, and utm_term into Retreaver tags and onto the call.


Track as many URL parameters as you need. Click the green button to add more.

Plus your developers have the option to programmatically add, replace or remove tags on the call by modifying the Retreaver.js

View our "Real-Time Page Tracking" guide to learn more about how to include online page activity into your calls.

Send call and caller data into HubSpot

The Retreaver Integration for HubSpot provides complete control over what call data you send into HubSpot CRM. Paired with the Retreaver tags applied to the call, track any details you want about your inbound calls into HubSpot.

Start by updating the HubSpot Form Mapping in your integration settings. Select the HubSpot form fields on the left, and map them to their corresponding tags in Retreaver on the right.


Submit calls to HubSpot using any of your configured HubSpot forms or modify the provided Retreaver Calls form.

Now, whenever a call is initiated, the data collected about the call will be submitted through the HubSpot form and added to your contact’s profile. When the caller is new, and option is enabled, a new contact will be created with the information.

View which call sources are driving the most calls leading to sales

Retreaver tracks every call into a detailed call log and summarizes calls by source, by handler/agent, by call campaign and by tracking number.


Use your call data in HubSpot

With data about calls saved to your contacts from the moment a call is initiated, you can use HubSpot to:

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