How to Initiate a Follow Up Call Within Seconds of a Web Form Submission (HubSpot)


Recent studies by, and HBR show that the best chance of converting a lead to prospect is to ensure you follow up within 5 minutes of their submitting a form on your website or landing page. Retreaver makes it possible to have a form submission trigger a follow up phone call by first calling your sales team to find an agent, then upon pick up, dialing the lead immediately.

Trigger a follow up call to a leads when they submit a form

Before you begin calling back leads who submit contact information on your marketing pages, you will need to connect Retreaver and HubSpot. Retreaver allows you to define who should be sent the lead, to configure the agent prompt with details about the form submission and caller, and view the call details.

Identify the form(s) to call back leads from

Track and initiate follow up calls from any form on your website. Use the same or separate Retreaver campaigns for each form.

Create Tags to store form data for the call

Create a tag for each form field that you’d like to capture about your leads (except phone number - thats already included). Include fields that will be used in the agent prompt when they first answer the phone (i.e. name, form description, email, etc). HubSpot form tracking will handle capturing the callers other details - as it normally does.


Use Text tags with Prompt disabled for your form data.

Add a Retreaver campaign for lead submission follow ups

Once your Retreaver Integration for HubSpot is enabled, you will need to create a Retreaver campaign for lead submission follow ups. Follow these simple steps to create the campaign:

Create a new campaign

Start by adding a new campaign.


Set Campaign Properties

Give your campaign a name. Optionally provide an ID.


Add Routing Settings

Next add the number(s) for agents and/or call centers that Retreaver should dial when a lead form is submitted.  You have the option of adding a single number for a call center, or add multiple agents and let Retreaver distribute calls that come into the campaign.


Use Routing Settings to tell Retreaver where you want to send callers.

Add prompts to instruct the agent answering the phone

When your agent first answers the phone, they will likely answer the call as if it was any regular inbound call. Use a Whisper prompt to inform the agent that they have a call coming in from the form. Use Tokens to dynamically insert data specific to the call. The Tags you created will be available as tokens to use in your prompts.

Typically you want to inform the agent the name of the caller, the name of the form, and possibly the lifecycle stage they are at (lead vs prospect vs customer for example).


Prompts deliver callers and agents with audio messages with data embedded.

When the agent picks up, Retreaver dials the lead who submitted the form and attempts to connect the agent who now knows who they are calling. Should the lead not answer the call, the Click-to-call Caller Not Available prompt allows you to speak instructions to your agent about what to do next.


Save the campaign and turn on the Click to Call function located in the Toggles tab.


Update the forms that will trigger follow up phone calls

To enable the form submission, you will need to add the campaigns Retreaver.js to the <head/> section of the webpage. Use the Retreaver.js located in the HubSpot Integration settings as it will detect the HubSpot User Token (UTK) of your visitors.


For an editor friendly version of the Retreaver.js, expand and use the Advanced version.

Add an “on submit” event to the Retreaver.js that passes form information to the Retreaver tags, then initiates the phone call to the agents.

Example using jQuery

campaign.auto_replace_numbers({}, function (number) {
  $('form').on('submit', function () {
    number.initiate_call($('input[name="phonenumber"]').val(), {
      first_name: $('input[name="firstname"]').val(),
      email: $('input[name="email"]').val(), 
      call_from: 'name of the form', 
      dial: $('input[name="phonenumber"]').val(), 
      live_agent: true}, callInitiated);

Make sure to map your unique field names or identifiers in your form to the tags.

Turn on the campaign by adding Numbers

Retreaver won’t trigger the call if a number isn’t assigned to the campaign. Add a number pool to ensure your form has a unique number for each form session.


From the campaign, add a New Number Pool.

Be sure to turn on the Visitor tracking option.



Be sure to enable Visitor Tracking.

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