How to Personalize Inbound Call Experiences with HubSpot Contact Data


HubSpot captures contact information so you can deliver a consistent, personalized online experience for your customers. The Retreaver Integration for HubSpot extends that personalization onto the inbound calls coming into your organization from marketing, for sales and for service.

Add HubSpot contact data to inbound calls

Before you begin adding contact data from HubSpot CRM to your calls, you’ll need to Connect Retreaver and HubSpot. When a caller exists in your HubSpot CRM, Retreaver allows you to select which properties to bring onto calls, to use those properties to select the best agent capable of handling the call, and to prepare agents with caller information as they pick up the phone.

Choose contact properties that will personalize call experiences

How do you personalize the online experience? Do you tailor it to marketing persona? By geography? Or maybe by lifecycle stage? Retreaver allows you to personalize call experiences to match your online experiences.

Map contact properties

Bring the properties you need onto calls by updating the HubSpot Contact Mapping in your integration settings. Select the HubSpot contact properties on the left, and then map them to Tags in Retreaver on the right.


All the contact properties are available to be mapped to Retreaver tags.

When a call starts, Retreaver looks up the contact and brings the properties back onto the call prior to selecting who to send the call to.


Send callers to the most appropriate agent, automatically

Retreaver allows you to add each of the agents on your team as a call endpoint. You can then tag each agent with criteria for the types of calls they should receive.


When a call comes in, Retreaver looks at the data on the call, and finds agents best matching the call.


That means if an agent is tagged to only receive calls tagged with their HubSpot Owner ID, callers will only go to their HubSpot owner.

Plus, should your agent learn the caller needs a different agent, they can transfer the to the right person using live call controls.


Prepare agents with whispered contact information

When the agent is sent the call, and they answer, you can configure a Whisper to speak data about the call to the agent before the caller is connected. Your agents could easily start answering calls addressing callers by name.


Or push contact data to agent call center software

When you want to provide agents with more information about the call, Retreaver also allows you to send data to a third-party service when an agent is selected.

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