How to Connect Retreaver and HubSpot


The Retreaver Integration for HubSpot helps you track every inbound call into your organization back to the campaign, keyword, even creative that lead to the call. The call source and any other data you capture about your caller or callers’ session is sent to their contact record in HubSpot as a call is started, and may be updated after a call ends.

What is included in this integration?

  • When someone calls a tracked phone number from your Retreaver account, the caller is identified using their HubSpot UTK, email address and/or phone number. If the caller is already in your HubSpot CRM then fields you have selected to synchronize will be mapped to the call for use in routing, agent prompts and analytics. When the caller is new to you, then you have the option to have Retreaver automatically create a new contact in HubSpot.
  • Use HubSpot contact properties such as HubSpot Owner ID or Lifecycle Stage to automatically route callers to the agent best suited to take their call.
  • Track call events directly into HubSpot analytics such as Calls Started, Calls Answered and Calls Converted.
  • Listen to call recordings directly within the contact record.
  • Call data captured about your contacts and on their timeline may be used as criteria for smart lists, to drive workflows and to update lead scores.

Setting up the Retreaver integration

Open your Retreaver account and go to Settings > Integrations.


Find the HubSpot listing and click Install.  Name your connection and click Install and Connect.


Choose your HubSpot portal to connect (sign in if necessary).


Retreaver then applies a set of default settings so you can start tracking calls into HubSpot.


Need more than the default? Some of the more common options typically configured by clients:

Post call recordings to all contact timelines

Add a default owner to create engagements for new callers or contacts without a HubSpot Owner assigned.


Create a contact record for new callers

Enable the creation of a new contact record for callers that are not yet in your HubSpot CRM.


Your calls are now being tracked into HubSpot and call recordings posted as a call engagement on contact timelines. 

Do even more with the Retreaver Integration for HubSpot such as:

  • Add additional portals at any time by clicking the + Add HubSpot Integration at the top.
  • Limit the integration actions to specific Retreaver campaigns by unchecking the All Campaigns toggle for any or all of the actions.
  • You can disable (or reset) your integration at any time by clicking the associated Delete Integration button.
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