How to Track New Callers and Leads Into HubSpot

To fully understand marketing ROI requires complete lead and customer profiles and acquiring complete profiles requires insight into the ways they interact with your organization and the process in which they interact. This means marketers and agencies need a complete, 360-degree view that includes every post, landing page, email, website, ad, direct mailer, event and phone call along their journey from lead to customer.

Complete contact profiles need to include phone calls

By itself, Retreaver is a leading tool for tracking the source of leads coming in through phone calls; whether that source is an advertisement, a landing page or an offline effort such as emails and newsletters. Retreaver even handles identifying repeat callers that come through the same campaign and number.

When marketers and agencies need to track the source of contacts beyond the first point of contact they typically turn to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions like HubSpot. CRMs excel by tracking contacts across every online channel; blogs, landing pages, emails, and websites - that is until they pick up the phone to call.

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Build a 360-degree view of contacts

The Retreaver Integration for HubSpot delivers a complete picture of a leads journey to customer. It provides an integrated view of every inbound and outbound touch-point and across marketing and communication channels. Marketers and agencies are able to track leads from initial source to the the last contact resulting in a conversion, while also maintaining a customer profile.

For HubSpot CRM clients

The Retreaver Integration for HubSpot delivers the missing component of HubSpots Inbound Tracking solution - the inbound phone call. Seamlessly track campaigns, landing page visits, form submissions, email opens, and inbound phone calls into a single contact record for each lead. And Retreaver enables companies to leverage that investment in HubSpot customer data to deliver hyper-personalized inbound call experiences.

For Retreaver clients

HubSpot makes it possible to capture complete lead profiles for every new contact while helping you identify and handle known callers who are calling you back. For the many marketers and agencies using Retreaver, HubSpot CRM delivers a simple and free way to capture the leads you are sending to your clients that makes spreadsheets obsolete.

How to set up the Retreaver Integration for HubSpot

Turning on the Retreaver Integration for HubSpot is a matter of connecting your accounts, and then adjusting your configuration settings as needed for your business. The integration also enables you to deliver new capabilities for your business. We've included a handful at the end of this article.

Quick start set-up

When you first connect a HubSpot Portal to Retreaver, Retreaver configures everything you need to start tracking callers into HubSpot CRM automatically.

Step 1. Create your accounts in Retreaver or HubSpot.

To enable this integration you need one of each. Here are the links to create a new account for each solution:

  • Get Retreaver. Includes free trial credit to get started.
  • Get HubSpots free CRM.

Step 2.  Connect HubSpot to Retreaver.

Connecting the two accounts is initiated from inside Retreaver.


  • Click Install. Name the connection (important if connecting to multiple portals). Click Install and Connect
  • Follow the instructions to login to your HubSpot account. Select your HubSpot portal.
  • Once completed you will be taken to the HubSpot integration settings in Retreaver.


Step 3. Create a call tracking campaign.

We recommend setting up a simple campaign that tracks one number into a call center to start. This will help to test the connection and to become familiar with the integrations features and capabilities. Note for current Retreaver clients: By default the integration will be active on existing campaigns in your company. To use it with specific campaigns see below.

To set up a simple campaigns:

  • Create a new campaign.
  • Add an Endpoint to the campaign by typing in the phone number you want to send calls into. Normally this is a call center, or if testing, your own phone number.


  • Click Create campaign. Then click to add a New Number for Campaign which will prompt you to select a number. Optionally add a first source to track.
  • Click Create Number.


Step 4. Test the call flow.

With the campaign set up, call the Tracking Number you added and view the results in each service:

  • In Retreaver view the call in the Call Log. You will see a record and details of the call.


  • In HubSpot view the call data applied to the contact in the Contacts.


Modifying the default configuration

Retreaver allows you to modify the default settings of the integration via the Integration Settings page.


Mappings are the business rules Retreaver uses to bring contact data onto calls from HubSpot, and to send data to HubSpot from the calls.

HubSpot Contact Mapping

As soon as your caller dials into the Tracked Number, Retreaver looks them up in HubSpot using their phone number, hubspotUTK or email if available from a webform. Once found, Retreaver adds contact data to the call per the mapping rules you specify.

Need a custom field from HubSpot for your call routing or reporting? Add it to the list of fields on the left and map it to a Retreaver Tag on the right.


HubSpot Form Mapping

Retreaver sends caller data to HubSpot as a form submission at the time of call initiation, and updates the contact with a call Engagement after the call. The data that Retreaver saves to the contact in HubSpot are determined by the HubSpot Form Mapping.

By default Retreaver creates a form for calls called Retreaver Calls. You may use any HubSpot form in your portal to submit calls:

  • Set up the form in HubSpot first.
  • Refresh the view in Retreaver and select it in the dropdown: HubSpot Form.
  • Map the form fields to the Retreaver tags. 



Actions are the interactions between Retreaver and HubSpot. The Actions settings control when data is transferred between the two platforms.

Fetch HubSpot Contacts

By default the Retreaver Integration for HubSpot will attempt to fetch the callers contact details from HubSpot for all campaigns in the associated Retreaver company. You have the option to only fetch contacts for specific campaigns. To enable this:

  • Uncheck the box All Campaigns.
  • Click on the campaigns to enable the integration for, moving them to the right box.
  • Click Save Action.


Submit HubSpot Form

Call details are initially sent to HubSpot using a form. Like with the Fetch HubSpot Contact action, you have the option to post caller data for All Campaigns or selected campaigns.

When a caller is not matched to a contact in HubSpot, it's considered a new contact. You have the option to have Retreaver create a new contact record in HubSpot or not for these unknown callers.

  • Check the HubSpot Contacts box to turn on creating new contacts.
  • Provide an email domain you want associated with the new contacts. Currently HubSpot requires contacts created via integration have an email.
  • Save Action.

Tip: Because Retreaver creates contacts at the start of the call, and before an agent answers. Agents have the contact record available to them in HubSpot while they are on the phone with the caller. See below for how to save a view in HubSpot for new caller contacts.


Create HubSpot Engagement

Retreaver posts the call recording to the contact record after the call as an call Engagement in HubSpot.  By default the engagement will be created and assigned to the contacts HubSpot Owner. If the contact has not HubSpot Owner assigned, then the engagement will not be created.

You can set a default HubSpot Owner ID for contacts that do not yet have an owner assigned. This article from HubSpot discusses how to find owner IDs in HubSpot.


Integrating with your website - Retreaver.js

When your tracking numbers are presented on an online property such as a landing page or mobile site. Retreaver allows you to match callers to HubSpot contacts using their HubSpot User Token; a unique tracking cookie that HubSpot uses to track leads across marketing channels.

To enable this level of tracking for calls. You need to add the Retreaver.js code to the <head/> section of your online page and to add a Number Pool to the campaign.


Use CRM contact data to do more with calls

Give agents new caller contact records to update in real-time

When the Action Submit HubSpot Form is set to automatically create new contacts for new callers, Retreaver will create the new contact record as soon as the call is initiate.  This means Agents answering the phone can find update the new contact record directly (and eliminate duplicate records).

  • In the Contacts view in HubSpot. Click "Add Filter" to create a new filter.
  • Select Email, contains, and enter the domain you set for new contacts in the Action Settings.
  • Save the View.


Route known callers to their HubSpot owner

One of the HubSpot fields that can be mapped onto calls is the HubSpot Owner ID. You can use this to route known callers to their account owners then they call in. To enable this:

  • Add your HubSpot Owners as Endpoints in Retreaver.
  • Tag each endpoint with their appropriate HubSpot Owner ID hubspot_owner_id:124312423
  • Add a default Endpoint that is not tagged (the default) to take callers that do not yet have an owner. This is typically your main call center line.

Prompt agents with caller information

Retreaver allows you to whisper information to agents answering the phone just before the caller is connected. That whisper may be configured to include HubSpot contact data such as name, lead status, call source.

Example of a contact data-enriched whisper:


When the caller is known. The agent would hear:

Incoming call from Adwords. Sue is prospect. Contact ID 486.

When the caller is unknown. The agent would hear:

Incoming call from Adwords. Is contact ID 487.

Track call events into HubSpot

For HubSpot users with an upgraded account, you have access to HubSpot Analytics Tools.


HubSpot Analytics Tools provide the ability to track marketing events into HubSpot. In this case those events are Phone Calls.

To start tracking call events from Retreaver into HubSpot:

Step 1: Create a Custom Event type in HubSpot

Step_1_of_evnt.png Step_2_of_event.png

Your HUB_ID is located up by your name:


Step 2. Add a Webhook to the Retreaver campaign.

Edit your Retreaver call campaign. Scroll to the bottom where you will find Webhooks. Click the Green Add button to add a new url. Enter in the details as follows:


Type: Start - When a call comes in (more on start pings here)
Name: Use something descriptive such as "Track event Calls Dialed into HubSpot"
Post: Use your HubSpot Event URL:

You can create as many Webhook / Event combinations as you want with Retreaver and HubSpot.  Consider tracking Call Dialed, Call Connected, Call Converted outcomes to get deeper insight into your campaign results.


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