How to Route Calls to a SIP Address

Retreaver offers the option of routing calls to a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) address instead of a phone number. Instructions below will guide you on using SIP for inbound and outbound call routing.


Outbound SIP is configured by editing the Call Endpoint (Buyer) and changing the Number field. Once you begin typing sip: the screen will change to allow entry for the username and password fields required.


There are no changes needed to the Retreaver system to do outbound SIP, but it is important to know how the Call Endpoint (Buyer) will authenticate the calls via SIP to their system.

You may authenticate using one of the following three methods:

  • No authentication - just leave Username and Password blank.

  • With a Username and password.

  • By Whitelisting Twilio IP addresses. Leave the Username and Password blank for this option. If using this method, below is what you will need to provide your Call Endpoint (Buyer).

Signaling IPs to whitelist

If you choose to use IP whitelisting, please contact us to retrieve a full list of signalling IPs.


Inbound SIP will need to be set up manually with the help of a member if the Retreaver team so contact us to get started. Once an admin has enabled this for your account, you can begin setting up the inbound SIP.

Inbound SIP is authenticated in one of two ways:

  • With a Username and Password. A Retreaver admin will provide this for you during setup. Example:
  • By Whitelisting IP addresses where traffic will come from. Send a list of any source you need whitelisted to

Any number you pull from the system can receive calls via SIP from any country. Just replace the example above with the phone number you want SIP calls to come in on - and don’t forget the plus and the country code!

Using SIP headers

Calls to Call Endpoints (Buyers) using SIP will automatically include several SIP headers in the INVITE request. These headers include X-PH-RetreaverUUID, the UUID for the call; X-PH-RetreaverKey, the postback key for the call; X-PH-RetreaverAFID, the publisher ID of the responsible Publisher; and X-PH-RetreaverSID, the sub_id of the responsible sub-affiliate/sub-publisher if one is set.

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