How to Filter Calls by Zip Code


Calls are automatically attributed geo tags using data gathered from the caller ID - this data can be used to filter your calls. By only reading the phone number, Retreaver can resolve the country, state, and city information.

However, if you require more granular filtering using Zip Codes, you can configure the settings below to gather and filter calls using this data.

Setting up a Zip Code filter

  1. In your Campaign, add an IVR prompt for Zip Code Entry in the Prompts section. This prompt will play immediately when the call connects.


  2. Don't forget to also create a prompt for Zip Entry Failed. This plays when the caller does not enter a valid Zip Code. You may want this message to repeat a couple times. In the example below, it will play a total of four times, the first play, then three repeats.


  3. All that's left is to edit your Call Endpoint (Buyer) with Tags to filter what Zip Codes they are taking calls from.


    Tags used here will allow Call Endpoints (Buyers) to only receives calls from the designated geographical areas. Check out our article on filtering calls based on Tags.

  4. Below is a screenshot of the Tag Wizard open to the Geo tab, with Zip selected. Two Zip Codes have been added, and one more is in the process of being added. Of course, most people tend to upload a CSV of Zip Codes to be added in bulk.


    Adding these Tags will tell Retreaver that these are the Zip Codes this Call Endpoint (Buyer) can take, and not to send calls from other Zip Codes.


It is worth noting that this Upload option will not accept Excel files, only comma-separated values (CSV).

Tag format

Geo tags come in the following format:
geo:[ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code](-optional state, province or zip).

For American based geo tags, the syntax format would be: geo:us-ca.
This would tag a component with a California state tag.

For Canadian based geo tags, the syntax format would be: geo:ca-bc.
This would tag a component with a British Columbia province tag.

For American zip codes, the syntax format would be: geo:us-90210.
This would tag a component with a "90210" zip code.

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