How to Use Retreaver with HasOffers


In order for HasOffers to interface to Retreaver using goals, the offer should be set up with a conversion pixel of Server Postback w/ Affiliate ID. Goals should also be enabled in HasOffers.

Configuring your Pay Per Call Offer this way allows you to track Publisher payout to the main conversion. Then revenue to the goals that are set up for each buyer. The HasOffers goals have been designed to allow for a different advertiser on each goal. The conversion pixel type on the goals should also be set to Server Postback w/ Affiliate ID.

The following four steps will help you understand how HasOffers interfaces with Retreaver.

Step 1: Create the offer in HasOffers


Step 2: Create a Goal for each Buyer in HasOffers


Step 2 Results: Goal for Main Offer and Each Buyer in HasOffers


Step 3: Cross reference Goal with Buyer ID


Click View on the Goal Options in HasOffers to see the conversion pixel. Use the goal_is from the pixel as your Buyer ID in Retreaver.

Step 4: Webhook set up in the Campaign on Retreaver

NOTE: The Webhook for the revenue has &goal_id=[buyer_id]

NOTE: In the screenshot below in the tracking links you will see it says [affiliate_id] this value has changed in Retreaver to [publisher_id]



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