Add call tracking to Oracle Eloqua

If you're not tracking phone calls, you're missing a very large part of the marketing picture. You're not being credited for sales and income that could be attributed to your marketing efforts, and you're probably not even aware of the full impact of your campaigns.

You can easily track calls generated by your Eloqua campaigns by adding Retreaver to your Eloqua account.

Activate Retreaver in Oracle Eloqua now!

Activating Retreaver on your Eloqua account

To get started, click the Activate Retreaver in Eloqua button above. Click Accept and Install

Click Accept and Install. Click the Accept and Install button as seen above.

Click Sign In.

Click "Sign In". Click Sign In, and confirm that you want to install our component.

Click "Accept".

Click "Accept". Click "Accept" here to allow Retreaver to interact with your Eloqua account, completing the installation. A free Retreaver account will be automatically created for you if you don't already have one.

Installation is complete.

Installation is complete. Now you're all set! Start adding call tracking to your Eloqua campaigns by adding the Retreaver "Dynamic Number Insertion" call tracking component to your uploaded landing pages via the landing page source editor, or to WYSIWYG landing pages.

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