How to Use Retreaver's API


The Retreaver Core API can be used to automate core business processes, like changing where calls are routed, and many other features that would normally be accessed through our account portal.

Our easy-to-use API allows you to interface with the many services and platforms you may use already, including AdWords, Eloqua, and more.

Access the Retreaver API Documentation here

For information on tracking visitors and displaying phone numbers on your landing pages using Retreaver.js, please see our Retreaver.js documentation.

Using the API

Downloading your calls via the API is pretty much as simple as sending an HTTP GET request to:

You will need your API Key and Company ID - you can find the Company ID at the top of your Settings > Company page. The api_key and company_id parameters are both disregarded if you don't pass in a valid api_key.

Finding your API Key

In the main menu to the left, navigate to Settings, then My Account, and then API Access. You can click the Show button to reveal your API key. You will be able to copy this key as needed, or reset it as described below.


Resetting your API Key

Has your website been hacked, or your API key otherwise compromised?

In the lower right, you will find a red Reset API Key button to trigger a confirmation window. As the dialog box will state, resetting your API key will block all existing clients. After you click OK to accept, the new key will appear. The old key is immediately destroyed and you will need to update all your programs and services with the new key.

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