Publisher Data Posting - Applying Tags to Calls using Call Data Writing

Call Data Writing

Retreaver users can create data posting links that give publishers the ability to apply tags to an inbound caller using call data writing, these tags can be applied at any time, either before or after a call has been processed within a Retreaver campaign.

Call data writing is typically used when you need to apply tags to calls before connecting the caller to a campaign, or before transferring the call to another agent.


Creating a Publisher Postback link

  1. Select a publisher that you wish to create a postback link for, any tags applied to calls using this link will be attributed back to this publisher. View your publishers and sources here.
  2. The postback key section is visible at the bottom of a publisher view page. Press the green addition button to create a new postback key, select the type: "Call Data Writing", then insert a descriptive name and configure the end call cut-off time or storage duration if applicable. Lastly press "Add" to create the postback key.


  3. This will create a new postback key that can be posted into in order to apply tags to calls.

    Distribute this link to your publisher and instruct them to fill in the CALLER_NUMBER value and any additional tags they wish to apply inside the posting URL.

    Posting to: "" will apply the "prequalified=true" tag to the inbound caller.

    The PUBLISHER_KEY value will be automatically generated by Retreaver when creating the postback. The CALLER_NUMBER value is supplied by the publisher to instruct Retreaver to apply the payload to that caller once they interact with a Retreaver campaign.

Postback Response

Successfully posting data to Retreaver will return the following response:

{"tag_values":{"0":"","example_tag":"value123"},"caller_number":"+10123456789","status":"call not found, tags stored"}

The Retreaver account manager can view the result of any incoming postback's through the postback log.

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