Dashboard Configuration and Terminology



When first logging into Retreaver, the Dashboard is the first thing you will see. It will provide you with a brief glance of your account activity. Use the Dashboard when you want to see your campaign performance, your call conversion rate or recent activity performed by one of your collaborators.



The Campaign Summary is a useful tool to help you get a quick view of your activity within the Retreaver system. The following categories are displayed:

  1. Calls Today - This will advise you of how many calls you have had for the day. This number is taken directly from all of the active campaigns that you have running. The total number of calls is also located in the bottom right corner.
  2. Calls In Progress - This is a total of the calls that are in currently taking place.
  3. Average Duration - The average amount of time that a call has taken to complete is displayed here. You can also view the total average from the day before in the bottom right corner.
  4. Top Campaign - This section will advise you which campaign of yours has the highest volume. You can access the campaign details by clicking on Top Campaigns.


Call Analytics


Like other features on the dashboard, the Call Analytics section was designed to give you a quick overview of your account activity. More specifically, it will allow you to see yesterday, today and in progress interactions that have taken place or that are taking place. Buyer, Campaign and Publisher level interactions are displayed here.

The “Auto Scroll” option can be enabled or disabled by clicking on the toggle to the right. Auto Scroll is helpful in the event that you have a high level of volume. When enabled, it will automatically scroll to the bottom of the page at a slow enough pace for you to analyze all of your numbers. The “In Progress” interactions will be highlighted in green to help you identify what has taken place.


Calls & Conversions


The Calls & Conversions section is similar to Call Analytics in that it will provide you with a brief overview of your account activity. It does however convey different data. Here, you will be provided with a graph that displays the amount of calls on the y-axis and the date on the x-axis. The graph will show the amount of calls that came in for the day (Culmination of all campaigns). It will also show you the number of conversions, these two figures are separated by color. Blue equals total calls and red equals total conversions.

This graph is also interactive. You have the ability to adjust the date range by clicking on the date displayed. You can refresh the data displayed by clicking on the refresh button. Finally, you can annotate and or download the graph as a .png, .jpg and .csv file. Having this ability will let you make notes on the fly, download and share them with your peers.


Recent Activity


Recent Activity is intended to provide you with the ability to identify what adjustments were made by which user. In the screenshot above you can see that the user is mentioned along with the event that took place and the date or time that the event is associated with. You can use this section to quickly monitor the activity of your collaborators and superusers or to monitor the activity that is taking place within your account.

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