What is the Retreaver Store?


The Retreaver store gives you the option to further configure the Retreaver platform. The following will outline which options are available and how they function.


The store icon is found on the top right of the Retreaver menu and in order to turn on any of the features you simply toggle the button to the right of the option.

Icon Feature  Description
performancemarketingeditionicon.png Performance Marketing Edition Enables our performance marketing features, with specific nomenclature to make it easier for performance marketing based customers.When adjusting this option the terminology displayed in the navigation console on the left will change.
  • When disabled, “sources” and “contact handlers” will be displayed.
  • When enabled, “publishers” and “buyers” will be displayed. 
Please make the necessary adjustments when first setting up your account, but keep in mind this option can be modified at anytime.
recordinfDurationLimitIcon.png Recording Duration Limit Adds a “max recording duration” field to your Campaigns, allowing you to limit the number of seconds we record calls for, usually used to prevent disclosing sensitive information. 
AlternativeIDIcon.png Alternative IDs Adds an additional ID field to your Publishers, Buyers, and Campaigns for use in Webhooks as replacement tokens.

Do not place sensitive information on the default original ID fields, as these fields will be visible to collaborators, instead you may place sensitive information on the secondary ID fields once this toggle is enabled.

Useful for integrating with providers that need more than one data field.


These advanced features can only be turned on by support to prevent misuse & overwhelming beginner Retreaver users.

Icon Feature  Description
NumberUnlockingIcon.png Number Unlocking Adds the ability to unlock Numbers’ routing setting, prompts, conversion settings, and webhooks from Campaign settings.
splitConversionsIcon.png Split Conversions Enables setting conversion criteria directly on Publishers and Buyers allowing for different payable durations, and streamlining revenue and payout management. For more information about Split Conversions, please click here. 
CallerIDObfuscationIcon.png Caller ID Obfuscation Adds configuration options to your Buyers allowing you to send them a static or dynamic Caller ID instead of the callers real Caller ID.
LiveCallControlIcon.png Live Call Control Adds live call management tools including holding and transferring calls directly from Retreaver. This enables your call center to warm transfer callers without bridging calls locally. Please see our website for exact pricing. For more information about Live Call Control, please click here.
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