Which Countries Have Local Numbers Available?


Retreaver offers local phone numbers to the following countries:

Canada El Salvador Malta
United Kingdom Estonia Mexico **
Austria Finland * The Netherlands
Australia * France Poland
Bahrain Germany * Portugal
Belgium * Greece * Puerto Rico
Brazil Hong Kong Romania *
Bulgaria * Ireland Slovakia *
Cyprus Italy * South Africa
Czech Republic * Japan Spain *
Denmark Latvia * Sweden *
Dominican Republic Lithuania Switzerland *
  Luxembourg *  

Proof of physical address in the country is required by authorities in the country. Contact us to provision numbers in the marked locations.

** You must be located outside and provide an address outside the phone numbers country.

Retreaver also offers toll-free numbers available in the United States - these can also be called from Canada.

If you are looking to acquire an international local number, your account must first be configured for MRC (Monthly Recurring Charges). You will also have to top up your account for the initial purchase of these numbers. Please contact Retreaver Support for more information.

Local Number Charges

Australia New South Wales - $3/Month
Victoria - $3/Month
Brazil Sao Paulo - $3/Month
Minas Gerais - $3/Month
Cyprus Nicosia - $4/Month
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo - $7/Month
El Salvador El Salvador - $5/Month
Israel Jerusalem - $5/Month
Central District - $5/Month
Haifa - $5/Month
Japan Japan - $5/Month
Malta Malta - $5/Month
New Zealand Auckland - $3/Month
Wellington - $3/Month
Canterbury - $3/Month
Norway Norway - $4/Month
Peru Peru - $5/Month
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico - $8/Month


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