What Does Call Status Mean?

The Retreaver Call Log contains a column and attribute called Call Status. This column provides an indication of what the current and/or resulting state of the call is.


The following is the list of the possible values for call_status:

In Progress

Established - The caller is in the IVR.

Offer Resubscribe - The caller is blocked and is being offered the chance to unblock themselves.

Forwarded - The call has been forwarded to a buyer.

Initiated - The call has been initiated via our click-to-call API.


Rejected - Retreaver rejected the call due to insufficient balance.

No Answer - No matching endpoint/buyer answered the call.

No Target - No endpoint/buyer could be matched to the tags on the call.

Failed - There was an error in the Retreaver system in handling this call, and it has not been charged.

Busy - The last endpoint/buyer we attempted to call was busy, and there was no other available.

Blocked - The caller was on the suppression list with no possibility to unblock themselves.

Not Open - The call matched but it was either outside of business hours for the endpoint or the endpoint was capped.

Canceled - The call was killed by Retreaver because it was a losing simuldial call from another Retreaver customer.


Finished - The call ended successfully.

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