Why are my calls being disconnected?

Analyzing calls using the call flow

The first step to troubleshooting your calls is viewing your call flow. The Retreaver call flow will describe in detail how your calls are being processed, which could help identify any issues you might be experiencing.

You also have the option of listening to the call recording when viewing a call UUID, this can supply additional information as to why or how your calls are being disconnected.


Here is a list of common reasons why your calls might be disconnecting along with methods on how to fix them:

Cause Solution
Call could not match with an endpoint

If Retreaver is unable to match an incoming caller with any endpoints, the "When no buyers match" routing setting will be triggered. If there is no "When no buyers match" routing setting enabled, the call will be disconnected.

Ensure your callers can match with endpoints by reviewing your caller & endpoint tags.

Endpoint not picking up calls

Retreaver will attempt to match with an endpoint up until the timeout timer is hit, by default endpoints have a timeout of 30 seconds and are modifiable on the endpoint edit page.

If they do not pick up within that time frame, Retreaver will pass and attempt to match with another endpoint. If there are no more valid matches, the "When no buyers answer" routing setting will be triggered. 

View our Ensuring Calls Are Answered Using Buyer Group Routing Behaviors guide for more information.

Recently converted calls being redirected

If a caller has recently been converted on Retreaver and a "Caller Previously Converted" routing setting has been enabled on your campaign, the call will then follow the logic you have specified within that routing setting, most commonly used to redirect calls to another campaign or to disconnect the call.

Caller is on a suppression list


Your caller might have been placed into a suppression list which instructs Retreaver to disconnect those callers before they engage with a Retreaver campaign. You may view and modify your suppression list by viewing your company settings.

Settings -> Company -> Suppression List 

Endpoint is disconnecting

If your callers are not properly being prescreened or qualified for an offer, your endpoints might end the call early to avoid converting a non-profitable call. If for example you are sending California callers into a New York based endpoint, your endpoint agents may choose to disconnect the call instead.

Make sure to prescreen your callers and match them with valid endpoints that can process them.

Caller is hanging up the call

If a caller with low intent gets impatient due to a long chain of IVR's and transfers, they might simply hang up the call. 

Try to simplify your campaigns as much as possible, keep caller friction to a minimum by properly screening callers and forwarding necessary information into Retreaver to avoid repeat IVR's.

Ensure your endpoints are quick to respond and have all the information they need to quickly process a call by using a whisper prompt or webhooks to pass along any caller attributes.

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