How to use Tag Values to create Dynamic Prompts


A prompts most basic function is to convey a message to a caller, with the added ability to prompt a caller for additional information that is later stored in tags. We already know that tags are powerful tools when working with call tracking and routing. We can add, modify and execute logic based on tag values in real-time, but what if we wanted to utilize those tags for more than just tracking or routing?

Dynamic prompts enable users to create personalized smart prompts that can interact more effectively with your callers and buyers than a standard generic prompt sentence. What if your prompts are based off previous client answers? The process of including tag values in your prompts is a quick, simple and effective way to improve the interactions with your clients. 


Dynamic Prompts


  1. Firstly, we need to create tags and store a value in them, visit our guide on Tag Types and Operators and How to Tag Calls with Data if you wish to familiarize with tags and their functionalities.

  2. Now that you have a tag and a value associated with it, we need to start using those values inside of IVR prompts. For more information on what prompts are visit our guide on How to use and configure Prompts.

  3. Once you've set up your tags and chose a suitable prompt to use for your scenario, its time to reference those tag values inside of the prompts.

    In the example below, we reference the Tag Key in-between [ ] brackets, this instructs Retreaver to automatically replace it with the associated tag value. Now your prompts support personalized dynamic behaviour!


    The example above is spoken to the caller during the greeting. This may be considered uncanny to some people, so we recommend using this value in a Whisper Prompt instead. This will communicate information to the agent just before the call comes through. Then your agent can greet the caller by name in a warm, human voice while also being aware of critical information related to the call. 

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