How to Block Callers


Should you find yourself receiving calls from unwanted callers, telemarketers or politicians. Retreaver can help you permanently block them from getting through.


Block callers as they come in

Go to your Call Log in the menu, find the call record or Caller ID that you want to block, and click on the UUID.


 Then click Block Caller.



Preemptively block callers

If you have a list of known caller IDs to block, your can add them before they call.

Go to Settings, then Company.

Click on Suppressed Numbers in the Special Number Lists section.


Click on + New Suppressed Number to add one-by-one, making sure to uncheck Allow Resubscribe if you want to permanently block them.

You may also click Upload Suppressed Numbers to upload a document that contains a single column with one number per line is all that is required for the upload file.

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