How to Manage Multiple Client Accounts in Retreaver

Your Retreaver account provides you with access to each Company your email address has an association with. Whether you are an owner, a superuser, or a collaborator - you are able to access each account as needed.


Accessing Companies available to you

To switch between your associated Companies, click on through the drop-down menu to the left, pictured below. Your permissions are based on the Company you're actively using.



When creating a Company, you are automatically switched to it and your currently selected Company will be displayed in the top of the left menu.

Alternatively, you can view and manage multiple Companies in the Settings menu under Companies.

Each company has their own Call Sources (Publishers), Call Endpoints (Buyers), Campaigns, Calls, Tags, Number pools, and Reports - these are separate from the other Companies on your account. By default, each Company also has their own payment settings and associated credit cards, making it easy to separately bill clients. Managing multiple Companies in Retreaver is designed to be simple and straightforward.


Adding a new company

In the Settings > Companies screen, click on + New Company. Once you give it a name, you can configure any settings you would like to be the defaults for all Campaigns created within that company. Default settings available include:

  • Default Webhooks
  • Default URL Parameter Sniffing
  • Default Publisher Settings
  • Default Role Permission Settings

Once you've configured these defaults, don't forget to click Create Company at the bottom.


API access

The Retreaver API may be used with any of the companies you have access to.


Changing companies via our web interface does not affect API use.

To use the API to access objects from a Company, you need to pass the correct company_id via the query string in your request URL, or in the root of your JSON or XML object in the request body. Company IDs are found in the listing on your Companies page.

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